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Lovely review I wanted to share with you to show that in a reiki session, distance is no obstacle. Please do get in touch if you feel this type of reiki could be useful to you. contact me on reflexivesole@gmail.com and we can sort out a time to do this!

I had a distance reiki treatment with Lo...

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Reiki distance healing is available to you for £25. You can have this Reiki experience from the comfort and privacy of your own home. This usually lasts for around 40 minutes or so, it depends on each person, but this seems to be an average time for the reiki to flow from me to you. Please do ge...

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I have made these beautiful, reiki charged, little scented wax melt shells that are available to buy from reflexivesole. They come in plenty of colours, so let me know your preference! These ones are woody scented when warmed up in a wax melter and your rooms will smell divine! I have some lav...

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I am happy to discuss with you anything you would like to know about any of the treatments on offer. Please get in touch via Facebook or Instagram of Messenger and we can discuss.

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Contact me if you would like a treatment outside the core hours as this can often be done with a little notice! I understand it is difficult if you are working and perhaps need an earlier or slightly later appointment. I will always see what I can do.

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Reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head Massage available. They all relieve tension and stress and can help with many issues. Indian Head Massage relieves tension and stress in upper back, neck, shoulders and incorporates a wonderful head massage. Carried out fully clothed or with shoulders exposed...

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I hold a VTCT Level 2 Certificate for Infection Prevention (COVID-19) to ensure you are kept as safe as possible during your treatments with me.

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a year ago
I have had reflexology and Indian head massage treatments from Loretta and both have been incredible experiences. She is so lovely and thoughtful and creates a very peaceful and serene environment where you can completely relax and enjoy the treatments. The treatments themselves have been very effective in helping with all sorts from anxiety to helping with physical pains such as migraines, and are incredibly relaxing and enjoyable from start to finish. If you are considering treatments, I would recommend Loretta 100%!
2 months ago
I had an online Reiki session with Loretta and it was fabulous. It was my first experience of Reiki and I didn't know how I would respond. Loretta spoke to me in advance of the session and then we got going. I found it to be incredibly energising, I had real clarity, focus and purpose afterwards and it has continued to have a positive impact on me. I can't recommend Loretta highly enough, she is very professional, competent, warm and kind. Would definitely recommend trying Reiki with her.
- marie r
2 months ago
I had a distance reiki treatment with Loretta last week and it was exactly what I needed! I’ve been suffering with a locked shoulder, sleeplessness and general tension for about six months. Loretta didn’t know this but was able to tap into my body (despite being about 50 miles apart at the time) and send soothing, healing energy exactly where it was needed. After our session she told me about my shoulder pain - amazing! How did she know? Within 48 hours it had gone. I’ve tired so many things to ease this previously; yoga, massage, weights, stretching, rest… but nothing has been so effective. I can’t explain it but something really shifted! During the session I was really able to relax and found myself day dreaming and some really strange things like jelly fish and penguins. I was really astounded when Loretta said afterwards (and before I’d told her this) that she too saw sea creatures and penguins during her meditation process. Spooky, but great evidence of a reiki connection. I ca...
- sarah m

Holistic therapy for mind, body & soul

These therapies will be so beneficial to your sense of wellbeing - leaving you energised and yet relaxed.

From foot massage to head massage - the magic of touch.

My name is Loretta and I am a VTCT qualified Indian Head Massage Therapist and VTCT qualified in Level 3 Anatomy,  Physiology and Pathology.   I am a Reiki Practitioner and member of the UK Reiki Federation, and the Complementary Medical Association.  I did my foundation course reflexology in the Ingham Method of Reflexology many years ago, and then recently completed a course in reflexology accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and the Quality Licence Scheme.  Holistic therapies such as reflexology, Indian head massage and Reiki are really beneficial to our health as they can be great to help relieve stress and anxiety.  They are becoming more and more popular as we all come to realise their amazing qualities as healing modalities.  I offer Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Reflexology, and would be really pleased to meet you if you would like to try these lovely treatments.   Please get in touch to book/find out more.  You can email me at reflexivesole@gmail.com, or call me on 07938 810765, or book directly through my Facebook Page ReflexiveSole where you can select a time to suit yourself.   

Reflexology — a bit like but not quite a foot massage 

Reflexology is a very old form of therapy, and works on the feet.  It is often called a foot massage, but it is not really that alone.  It works by the therapist using their thumbs and fingers on your feet.   

If you'd like to find out more, or to book a session, please email: reflexivesole@gmail.com or call 07938 810765.

Indian Head Massage - a relaxing and yet invigorating massage

Indian Head Massage is again a really old therapy that was used by Indian families daily - in fact it still is. All the babies had head massages from their parents as part of daily life.  It is a uniquely lovely massage both invigorating and relaxing and well worth trying.  email : reflexivesole@gmail.com to book.  Cost is £20 and the treatment lasts approximately 30-45 minutes
What you need to know about Reflexology… 

·         It has been around for a long, long time. The Ancient Egyptians were big fans of it – you can see from hieroglyphics lining the walls of ancient temples of worship and tombs that the Egyptians were into this therapy in a big way! 
·         All you need to take with you to experience this treatment is your feet.  
It is a great treatment for relaxation, stress relief, pain management, and helping to deal with anxiety.  Most people find it all very soothing and healing and relaxing – that is the aim of the game here. 

·         Reflexology works by a Reflexologist using their hands to stimulate through pressure with the thumbs on reflex points in the foot that correspond to structures and organs in the body.  The feet are a kind of map of the body in that the top of the foot, around the toes, relates to the upper body in terms of head, face, neck, shoulders, and the bottom of the foot relates to the hips, lower back and pelvis area on the body.   

·    Reflexology can be used alongside your other treatments and does not replace it. You should always follow the advice of your doctor.  A Reflexologist does not diagnose problems or health issues in any way.    

To book your reflexology session, please contact me on reflexivesole@gmail.com or on 07938 810765, and I can answer any questions you might have.  The session normally lasts for about an hour in total, sometimes less, sometimes more. The cost  of a reflexology session is £30

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a very old therapy practiced in most Indian families over centuries.  The parents would massage their children's heads on a daily basis, and as the children grew up, they would then perform the head massage on other members of the family. It is a truly amazing experience.  It is a relaxing  treatment involving the use of the hands on the upper back, neck, shoulders, head and face using stroking and gentle effleurage movements and can also incorporate some more vigorous techniques which can make you feel quite invigorated.  It can be good to encourage hair growth, and stimulates circulation in the head.  You remain fully clothed for this treatment or you can choose to expose the shoulders and have some oil applied to your skin to enable a nice smooth relaxing neck and shoulder massage.  Oil is also applied to the hair if you wish this.  The treatment lasts for about 30-45 minutes.  
Benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Indian head massage can really work well for your hair in that it stimulates the head and the hair and can help with making your hair more shiny and lustrous and healthy 
  • It can help lift your mood with its combination of strokes being invigorating and relaxing
  • It can help ease tension that can often be held in the neck and shoulders
  • It can help with the circulation of the blood in the body, enabling it to be more efficient and effective, and also boosts the circulation of lymph around the body.  
  • Call 07938 810765 to make your appointment


Reiki originates from Japan, and is an energy healing therapy.  Rei means spiritually guided and Ki means life force.  Reiki energy flows where it is needed.  During a reiki treatment, the practitioner will hover their hands just above the fully-clothed body, or lightly on the body if preferred, and gently bring the healing energy to the receiver for their own highest good.  Reiki is non-invasive.  Reiki works best when the person receiving the treatment is open to accepting the healing benefits.  

It is very safe and gentle treatment to have.  Sometimes during a treatment you might feel a tingling sensation, warmth or coolness in the body, gurgling of the stomach, or no reaction at all.  Some people can have an emotional response to the treatment being given which is all quite normal.  Reiki will dispel any blockages that are present and release it which brings about that sense of wellbeing.  Reiki can be given either seated or lying on a couch.

A reiki session can last around an hour, and the cost is £30.

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